Immigration, the resulting bi-cultural-ism
and their effects on individuals as well as on societies is the major focus of this blog.

The founder moved from Russia to NZ in the 90s with her parents when she was 10. It is her own experience and those she has had the honour of having had shared with her by others that have come to NZ from other parts of the world, that inform Lost and Found.

The Lost and Found blog aims to be a place of exchange and discussion between those interested in issues of identity, whether it is contemplating our psychology, questioning reality or looking closely at culture and race (and/or subjects such as human rights, immigration, cultural studies, and mental health). It’s an interdisciplinary endeavour therefore embraces all and any perspectives and references from engineer manuals to poetry, and medical studies to painting, with examples from around the globe. The hope is that together, answers are more plausible and results more objective.

It is a melting-pot of information that yearns for your contribution; any small or large revelations you have had or research you have found to be worth your time lately.

“We came and found paradise but something

was missing in the water, in the sky,

in the movement of hands

that couldn’t embrace or punish”

Coming to Paradise by Kapka Kassabova – the best expression I have found to date of why this blog exists. Read the rest here and visit her own website here.


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