Fringe Festival 2011

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If you are in Auckland there are meny exciting things happening there within the next month. Here are some on the Lost and Found topic:

Fri 25 Feb – Sun 13 March

“Ruru will navigate the urban environment and roost in various locations. Illusion of Displacement is an interplay between urban and nature, ephemerality and structure, time and space…” –

“The Ruru is a watchful guardian. Ruru will navigate the urban environment watching, prevailing, collecting, projecting. Roosting in various locations. Open yourself to chance sightings or try and track them on the web. Illusion of Displacement is an interplay between urban and nature, ephemerality and structure, time and space.” –

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Sat 26th Feb 10am – 4pm
Mangere Arts Centre

I would love to see how Pigs are comment on influences of different cultures in Mangere. As I won’t be able to attend, if anyone could contribute photos of this event that would be great!

“Pig is an offensive word for an unpleasant, greedy or dirty person. Pig reflects on the European’s influences and different cultures, values and tradition. Pig can also be seen in slavery and imprisonment. This new work by Kalisolaite ‘Uhila deals with connecting with people, individuals and cultures.” –

Fri 25 Feb – Sun 13 March







Tiffany Singh’s work collaborates with the community at different locations throughout the city through the making of ‘thought flags’.

Supporting Organisations:

  • Artstation
  • Depot Artspace Devonport
  • Te Karanga Gallery
  • Verona Cafe
  • Avondale Markets
  • Mangere Markets
  • Auckland Fringe Festival
  • First Thursdays K rd.
    Flags will also be made in Albert Park & The Domain

Fri 25 Feb 12pm or 7pm

” The performers explore their own experiences of journeys in all their forms: real, imagined, internal and life journey. A common thread begins to emerge that binds members of the group, but ultimately everyone is travelling on their own journey. With original music composed by the group and Flying Dance, this promises to be an intriguing and moving piece of theatre.” –

Fri 25 Feb – Sun 13 March
Te Karanga Gallery (K Rd)

Other inspiring links from this festival:


5 Tips for Taking a Really Great Travel Portrait (via WanderLust)

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Interesting story of how photos which have become something of a genre come into being. WanderLust tells of the rules he follows to gain the peoples’ permission, shows a broad selection of portraits and shares the circumstances that allowed them to be taken. Im not sure if I’m just too much of a sceptic – whether its valid to ask – is its just photo-hunting?

“This is optional, but the difference between a techncially good photo, and a photo which makes people sit up and take notice, is that with the latter, they’re experiencing something new. The beauty of travel photography is that there’s always a story to be told, something new to see, something that’s exotic to the viewer back home, so try and think of what that story might be.” – WanderLust

5 Tips for Taking a Really Great Travel Portrait Portraiture is something I’ve increasingly aspired to as a photographer. I love a good landscape- in fact, my landscape shots are often what people seem to enjoy in my shots. Portraiture is a different skill-set though. While light changes over a landscape in such a way that you may only have a few minutes to get the shot you want, the challenge of portraiture is even greater- you may have just fractions of a second to capture the image that you … Read More

via WanderLust

Zwelethu Mthethwa

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I chose colour because it provides a greater emotional range. My aim is to show the pride of the people I photograph.

– Zwelethu Mthethwa, 1998

Zwelethu Mthethwa is one of South Africa’s best known artists. His colour photographs of the residents of Paari, a settlement near Cape Town, made a point of portraying it not as a shabby shanty town but as characterised by dignity and dreams. His new exhibition at the Studio Museum, Harlem, brings together three series of photographs, Empty Beds, Interiors and Common Ground. We hear about the inspiration to compare fire damaged homes in South Africa to those in New Orleans after Katrina. – BBC The Strand 31/7/2010

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