Film: “Moving” Christchurch, NZ

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In his film, Kiyong asks, “Migrants have often left much behind – emotionally, physically and financially – to start new lives and exist without the support networks of extended family and old friends. How do they cope with the trauma, loss and ongoing physical upheaval and sense of dislocation wrought by a natural disaster so severe that even established, lifelong residents have fled elsewhere?”

The film, by Kiyong Park featured in NZ’s 43rd International Film Festival, following not long after the earthquake in Christchurch on the 22nd of February 2011.

Read the full article and interview here.


Fringe Festival 2011

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If you are in Auckland there are meny exciting things happening there within the next month. Here are some on the Lost and Found topic:

Fri 25 Feb – Sun 13 March

“Ruru will navigate the urban environment and roost in various locations. Illusion of Displacement is an interplay between urban and nature, ephemerality and structure, time and space…” –

“The Ruru is a watchful guardian. Ruru will navigate the urban environment watching, prevailing, collecting, projecting. Roosting in various locations. Open yourself to chance sightings or try and track them on the web. Illusion of Displacement is an interplay between urban and nature, ephemerality and structure, time and space.” –

click on the burd to go their website > > > > > >> > > >

Sat 26th Feb 10am – 4pm
Mangere Arts Centre

I would love to see how Pigs are comment on influences of different cultures in Mangere. As I won’t be able to attend, if anyone could contribute photos of this event that would be great!

“Pig is an offensive word for an unpleasant, greedy or dirty person. Pig reflects on the European’s influences and different cultures, values and tradition. Pig can also be seen in slavery and imprisonment. This new work by Kalisolaite ‘Uhila deals with connecting with people, individuals and cultures.” –

Fri 25 Feb – Sun 13 March







Tiffany Singh’s work collaborates with the community at different locations throughout the city through the making of ‘thought flags’.

Supporting Organisations:

  • Artstation
  • Depot Artspace Devonport
  • Te Karanga Gallery
  • Verona Cafe
  • Avondale Markets
  • Mangere Markets
  • Auckland Fringe Festival
  • First Thursdays K rd.
    Flags will also be made in Albert Park & The Domain

Fri 25 Feb 12pm or 7pm

” The performers explore their own experiences of journeys in all their forms: real, imagined, internal and life journey. A common thread begins to emerge that binds members of the group, but ultimately everyone is travelling on their own journey. With original music composed by the group and Flying Dance, this promises to be an intriguing and moving piece of theatre.” –

Fri 25 Feb – Sun 13 March
Te Karanga Gallery (K Rd)

Other inspiring links from this festival:

The Trip series: Who’s the looser anyway?

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If you talk about immigration with everyone you meet, like me, you discover a migratory species of people. These exotic creatures work and live in one place but make regular journeys to their home land. They survive by having one physical homeland and one spiritual.

Vicky Yiannoutsos '8mm freeze frame', 1986, exhibited at MIC Gallery, 2010.

I used to think it was unfair. Everyone else gets to save their hard earned money, put it towards a house or buy one of those exotic trips from the travel agent… new and different things. But these people, have a regular and large expense to support their sanity…

During the last weeks of my time in my spirutial homeland (beyond the point where i was vigorously trying to hatch a plan not to get on the plane, and after I let go of the idea to letting my return ticket go unused). I began to see how the daily grind may force me to disregard the details of everyday living that have caused me daily pleasure for the full 5.5 months I was there.

Maybe its not so bad, to have a whole world where you are in love with everything…

(Maybe I should explain this…  Its not a fairytale. You don’t always live in peace with the people you are in love with, sometimes they cause you to suffer but it is sweet because you know you will forgive them, until one day (if it comes) their allowance runs out. I think its the same with places. …I guess I got scared that I might loose what I loved my whole life.)

and have it untouched by the grind that comes with trying to make a living.

YI ZHOU – a great new reson to wait for the Int. Film Festival

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“Yi Zhou is a young Chinese artist, whose work has been described as a bridge between East and West. Her latest work The Greatness, a 3D video, which features hip hop artist Pharell Williams, and a music score by Enio Morricone is a contender at this month’s Sundance festival. She tells Harriett why dreams are her main source of inspiration.” -BBC The Strand 17th Jan 2011 listen here

Yi Zhou’s website

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (Danish-Filipino background)

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Recipient of the Eckersberg Medal of Honor in 2008 and chosen as ‘Artist of the Year’ in Denmark 2006, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen works primarily in video and performance art.

Taking her own Danish-Filipino background as a point of departure, Cuenca gathers, adapts, and universalizes her narratives in both a critical and humorous approach in regards to issues such as identity, culture, religion, gender and social relations. Her work has been presented internationally at institutions including: Malmo Kunst Museum, Sweden; Museum of Contemporary Art Seoul, South Korea; and at the Tate Modern, London.

She has participated in numerous exhibitions worldwide including: Performa 09, New York, The Thessalonki Biennial 09, and in 2007 was part of the exhibition, Global Feminisms at the Brooklyn Museum in New York.

Lilibeth talked about her international multi-media performance work and her collaboration with NZ choreographer, Charles Koroneho on her project for Living Room, The Future is already way behind the Present doesn’t exist in my Mind

Naturally I went along to the talk as well as the performance and it was fantastic! Very thankful to the organisers for organising this such a top grade show for all of us for free. I also enjoyed a work she showed during the talk about going back home. She filmed her grandma and herself on a hidden camera with what I can only call a rusty aesthetic. Performance was dramatic, confrontational, just radical enough for this artist it seems. Without doubt, bold, absolutely beautiful functional presentation as Lilibeth moves from classical music to a full blown rap verses.

Artist: Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen(DK)
Choreographer: Charles Koroneho(NZ)
Performers: Graduates and students (dance programme), School of Performing and Screen Arts, Unitec NZ

A performance inspired by the writings of Valentine de Saint-Point and Mina Loy that reflects on lust, romanticized sexuality, and the subjugation of women.

Collaborating with composers Pete Drungle and Brian Bender, motion graphic artist Brian Close, costume designer Lise Klitten, Cuenca Rasmussen merges choreography, song, architecture and costume in a multi-media performance.

New Zealand choreographer Charles Koroneho is working in collaboration with Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen to re-contextualize the performance ‘The Future is already way behind the Present doesn’t exist in my Mind…’

The new work will be presented in collaboration with production designer Brad Gledhill, utilizing the existing Cuenca Rasmussen performance and incorporating production and design elements created specifically for Saint Patrick’s Square.

Collaborative partners

Concept, script, lyrics and performance Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (DK)
Choreographic collaboration and performance Charles Koroneho (NZ)
Production design Brad Gledhill
Costume design Lise Klitten
Orchestral music Four compositions by Pete Drungle with lyrics of Mina Loy
Electronica music Three compositions by Brian Bender with lyrics of LCR
Performers- her website here.

culture of the missfortunate?

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Its the beginning of this clip that got me thinking.

First thing we see is the state built apartment building – what people with houses in green western lands look compassionately on. It also encompasses the life economic migrants leave behind.

I this is what hip-hop so wonderfully does, it embraces the (supposedly) less fortunate circumstances and glamorises them! Makes them desirable… so much black sheep all over the world can play down their own fortune out of their desire to appear to be in their boat. Now, some of this involves terrible challenges, dis functional families to the point of being life threatening, abuse in all forms – very bad things but surely it is not the worst thing for the victums of such conditioning to make the most of the life they have. Empowerment can lead to achievement right? …at the same time it can work to benefit sinister elements in keeping youth on the same tracks. And there are convertibles, and gold chains, I think these are devices to visually tag ideas of cool, respect of peers, sense of accomplishment, police = sense of punishment judicial or otherwise.

Not even the glamorous ultra rich are happy. I don’t think any link has been found between mental well-being and wealth, yet it is assumed that the rich are happy and the poor are sad. So why is a Russian girl who has grown up in clean green New Zealand writing about this? When I first came here, I faced attitudes such as “you’re so lucky to be here!” – because here there are so many more opportunities, its warmer, its nice people are proud of what they have. But I was proud of what I had. I wanted to be where I once saw some young men shoot up upstairs from my flat – I preferred that. That was the point, when I was 10 I didn’t want to be where my parents thought they would move to never having seen the land, their world, having no idea of the reality of the western world only knowing the ghostly mirage that had been glamorised over the years of ____curtain sealed off___ . Its only fair if wealth is going to be glamorised then so should the miss fortunate.

I dont actually know what the lyrics mean, will ask a friend later, but I know “ca va” is so-so, so in my imagination they’re saying “what’s wrong with being ok? – were good with ok”  🙂  who knows?

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