Zim Poetry Slamming Strong

19/03/2010 § Leave a comment

From BBC Strand in March 2010: click here to listen

Vibrant piece from inside a cafe in Harare, a collage of interview and the poems performed. A place where pro government voices are not excluded, where everyone comes to have fun and to share.

“…so when people are coming out in these numbers, where there is really not much for a lot of them to get out of this, for me this mean its passion, and passion is something you can’t kill.” – FlowChild
“…because ideals are what define me not our P. I. G. M. E. N. T. our rivers will rise soon and then you’ll see!”

My favourite part here, ive transcribed for the day that the link no longer works.

Spoken word artist from Zimbabwe – Comrade Fatso

What’s my identity,
Whats my identity meant to be
Is my identity meant to be white boy from Zimbabwe,
Is my identity meant to be felt skins and rugby.
Or is my identity meant to be an English boy drinking tea,
Watching Arsenal on tv listening to rock and reg beats,
Shopping on Oxford streets.
Or should my identity defy expectation,
Defy nation,
Defy time and place
Defy class and race.

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