culture of the missfortunate?

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Its the beginning of this clip that got me thinking.

First thing we see is the state built apartment building – what people with houses in green western lands look compassionately on. It also encompasses the life economic migrants leave behind.

I this is what hip-hop so wonderfully does, it embraces the (supposedly) less fortunate circumstances and glamorises them! Makes them desirable… so much black sheep all over the world can play down their own fortune out of their desire to appear to be in their boat. Now, some of this involves terrible challenges, dis functional families to the point of being life threatening, abuse in all forms – very bad things but surely it is not the worst thing for the victums of such conditioning to make the most of the life they have. Empowerment can lead to achievement right? …at the same time it can work to benefit sinister elements in keeping youth on the same tracks. And there are convertibles, and gold chains, I think these are devices to visually tag ideas of cool, respect of peers, sense of accomplishment, police = sense of punishment judicial or otherwise.

Not even the glamorous ultra rich are happy. I don’t think any link has been found between mental well-being and wealth, yet it is assumed that the rich are happy and the poor are sad. So why is a Russian girl who has grown up in clean green New Zealand writing about this? When I first came here, I faced attitudes such as “you’re so lucky to be here!” – because here there are so many more opportunities, its warmer, its nice people are proud of what they have. But I was proud of what I had. I wanted to be where I once saw some young men shoot up upstairs from my flat – I preferred that. That was the point, when I was 10 I didn’t want to be where my parents thought they would move to never having seen the land, their world, having no idea of the reality of the western world only knowing the ghostly mirage that had been glamorised over the years of ____curtain sealed off___ . Its only fair if wealth is going to be glamorised then so should the miss fortunate.

I dont actually know what the lyrics mean, will ask a friend later, but I know “ca va” is so-so, so in my imagination they’re saying “what’s wrong with being ok? – were good with ok”  🙂  who knows?


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