The Trip series: Who’s the looser anyway?

30/01/2011 § Leave a comment

If you talk about immigration with everyone you meet, like me, you discover a migratory species of people. These exotic creatures work and live in one place but make regular journeys to their home land. They survive by having one physical homeland and one spiritual.

Vicky Yiannoutsos '8mm freeze frame', 1986, exhibited at MIC Gallery, 2010.

I used to think it was unfair. Everyone else gets to save their hard earned money, put it towards a house or buy one of those exotic trips from the travel agent… new and different things. But these people, have a regular and large expense to support their sanity…

During the last weeks of my time in my spirutial homeland (beyond the point where i was vigorously trying to hatch a plan not to get on the plane, and after I let go of the idea to letting my return ticket go unused). I began to see how the daily grind may force me to disregard the details of everyday living that have caused me daily pleasure for the full 5.5 months I was there.

Maybe its not so bad, to have a whole world where you are in love with everything…

(Maybe I should explain this…  Its not a fairytale. You don’t always live in peace with the people you are in love with, sometimes they cause you to suffer but it is sweet because you know you will forgive them, until one day (if it comes) their allowance runs out. I think its the same with places. …I guess I got scared that I might loose what I loved my whole life.)

and have it untouched by the grind that comes with trying to make a living.


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